We follow a disciplined process to work with you so that we can always ensure that we find the best solutions for your needs.


We find that the following process works best for our clients:

Step 1: Telephone Call / Email etc

An initial introductory phone call to confirm relevant details, clarify any questions you may have in advance, and arrange a face to face meeting


Step 2: Face to Face Meeting

We meet with you in person to discuss and confirm your specific preferences, needs, and objectives, collect relevant information in regard to your circumstances, and agree criteria for your property search


Step 3: Property Evaluation and Selection

We will, using the criteria we have agreed, identify and evaluate alternative property investments that will be suitable for your circumstances and needs.


Typically we will rank these according to the criteria agreed, and present them to you for discussion.

Whilst we may propose a particular property or properties as being most closely matched to your requirements, importantly we will also seek your input as you need to be comfortable with the final investment decision.

Once a property is selected to proceed with and purchase, we will then coordinate the next steps.


Step 4: Expression of Interest and Contracts

The Expression of Interest (EOI) which is generally lodged on new property purchases, is the first step in the process. Once lodged and a holding deposit (usually $1,000 or $2,000) paid, the property is 'taken off the market' until the next stages are completed.


The contract stage of a property purchase can be the most complex and often confusing part of the entire process, and varies quite widely depending on the property type you are buying (e.g. an established property, house and land with house completed, house and land with separate land and building contracts, townhouse or apartment developments, etc). Different sellers, land developers, and builders have different processes and documentation which can be extremely challenging to understand and interpret. We support and guide you throughout this process as needed.

At this point you will also need to appoint a conveyancing solicitor to handle the legal aspects of your purchase including contracts and transfer of the property to you at settlement.

Should you not have an appointed or preferred conveyancer or solicitor, again we can assist you by referring you to a suitably experienced conveyancer within our professional network who can handle these tasks for you at a reasonable cost.

We then coordinate all interactions for you and guide you through these processes including preparation and signing of contracts, liaising with sellers, builders, and land developers, etc, as well as other professionals such as your lenders or mortgage brokers, conveyancer, accountant, financial planner, and property manager.


STEP 5: Contracts unconditional

Your contracts generally become unconditional once conditions (the main one usually being finance approval) are met. At this point you will usually (unless other arrangements have been agreed) be required to pay the balance of your purchase deposit

STEP 6: Property Settlement

At settlement, the purchase price is paid in full and you take ownership of your property.


  • Single contracts - settlement and handover of property takes place

  • Dual contract – land settlement takes place, build commences; monitor build, on completion and the final inspection the final instalment payment is made and handover takes place


It is no longer necessary to attend your settlement in person. This is now all handled by your conveyancing lawyer and they will inform you once finalised and you are able to collect the keys to your property!


STEP 7: Our Ongoing Relationship and Service

After completion, we remain your primary contact for any future requirements or issues that may arise. Our partnership continues after your investment purchase, and we are available whenever you need us.

We recommend a regular ‘check in’ to ensure that all aspects of your investment are continuing to meet your expectations and that other specialists you have engaged e.g. property managers, are continuing to provide a quality service to you.

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