About Us


Marche Property Partners are independent Property Brokers and Wealth Creation Specialists. We work solely in your interests as an investor or home buyer with the objective of helping you to save money and create wealth independently through prudent property investments.

We provide an end to end service to advise, support, and advocate for you as a property investor, to find and  purchase the best properties for your individual needs and objectives at the best price and terms. We source quality residential investment properties for you through our extensive network of builders, developers, and associates.

We work closely with you and solely in your best interests as the buyer to guide and support you throughout the process of identifying and clarifying your individual needs and objectives for wealth creation, to ensure that we understand what is important to you and what strategies will most effectively achieve your aims.

We work with both investment property and home buyers, and apply similar principles to property selection to ensure that your own home is also a sound long term investment with the added advantage of any capital growth being tax free!

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